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Geological Map of Atauro Island Scale 1:50.000

Cinque Terre

Geological Map of Atauro Island shows that the island is dominated with Sub-Aqueous Volcanic Materials and Quaternary Rocks such as Coral Reef, and sediment materials. This island composed the two types of volcanic rocks in both northern and southern part of the island. The northern part is older (3.5 Ma) and generally consists of Dacite and in the southern part is younger (3.3 Ma) with Basalt lithology.
The geological structure that develops on Atauro Island occurred in two phases: the phase of uplift as indicated by the spread of reverse fault, and phase extension indicated by normal faults. The development of faults had been partially rotated and cut by a normal fault that allegedly caused by the movement of the left-strike-slip fault that cuts the north and center of the Atauro island.
The hydrothermal alteration developing along the fault zone, which is also characterized by the occurrence of manifestations of hot springs in the eastern part of the island.

Timor Leste Flood Susceptibility Map

Cinque Terre

Flood Susceptibility Map: The flood susceptibility map
is for the whole country of Timor Leste; The map shows to located the areas
potentially affected by Flood Occurrences, based on the color determined
in the map legend.





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